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I see the list of stations, but every time I try to connect to one, I get a "Connect attempt failed" message after 30 seconds.  What's the problem?

Most likely, there's an adjustment which needs to be made to your router or your computer's "firewall" configuration.  For more information, see the Firewall Solutions section, or the Help section "Firewall Issues".

For more FAQs about connection problems, see FAQs - Connecting.

Why are some stations in the Index View highlighted in yellow?

A yellow-highlighted line indicates a station which has just recently come on line.  If a station's Status is highlighted, it means the station's status has recently changed (from On to Busy, or vice versa).

I have two computers on a home network, that share a connection to the Internet.  Can I run EchoLink on both computers at the same time?

No.  Because each EchoLink station must have a different Internet address, it is not possible to run EchoLink on two or more computers that share a common "public" address, even under different callsigns. 

Some cable-modem and DSL providers, however, offer the option of multiple IP addresses sharing the same Internet connection.

Is EchoLink compatible with "screen readers" for the visually impaired?

Several amateurs have had success using screen readers with EchoLink.  The program has also been designed so that nearly all functions are accessible from the keyboard.  For some tips on using EchoLink with screen readers, e-mail Roger, KA1USA, at

Can EchoLink be used without a mouse?

Yes.  Virtually all of the mouse commands have keyboard equivalents.  For a full list, see the Keyboard Commands section in the EchoLink Help file.

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