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If you're having trouble getting EchoLink to work correctly, the EchoLink Troubleshooter utility may help.  The Troubleshooter helps solve the two most common problems that new EchoLink users might encounter:
  1. Cannot connect to other stations (firewall/router issues), and
  2. Problems with audio (sound card settings).

The Troubleshooter is a special program that examines your system settings, and asks you a few basic questions about your setup.  It then tests your Internet connection and your computer's sound card, and generates a detailed report that highlights certain problems and provides tips on how to correct them.  (Please note that the EchoLink Support staff is not able to help solve any problems that might be described in this report.)

To download and run the Troubleshooter, first be sure that EchoLink is not running.  Then, click one of the Download buttons below.  When your browser asks whether you want to Save the file or Open it, choose Open.  When the download completes, the Troubleshooter will begin running automatically.  Then, simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Vista users: Please note that some of the information produced in the Troubleshooter report in the section about sound-card settings might be incorrect or misleading on these editions of Windows.

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